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My name is Marina Farag … I am 29 years old and was pregnant for the first time … I was not able to attend prenatal classes and I had a vaginismus – like problem … I had never had a avaginal exam for the heightened phobia of not wanting to have anything inserted in me. I came to know about MBC few days just before the birth of my child.. but, I hesitated to contact them as I felt it was already too late and that no person could help me …. but now I can say that without CHARMAINE CARVALHO (my birth keeper) I wouldn’t have been able to do it … definitely I would have decided to have C section….

She helped me during my early labor, she helped me manage my pain at home … and when I went to the hospital, once she came I felt her support; and by supporting me, the nurses were able to deal with me … she was the mediator between me, the nurses and the doctors. And, because of her, they were able to help me better.. To conclude : her presence was a must for me.

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