Our Little Story….
  • June 2010, the first national meeting of doulas is organized by the Coalition Birth Renaissance (of the RNR). During this event, which brings together more than one hundred birth assistants from across Quebec, it is clear that the majority want the establishment of an association.
  • 2011 Annie Noël Tilly of Alternative Birth and Milène Pigeon of the RNR undertake important steps to obtain a grant from the Béati foundation. The grant is unfortunately rejected and the project remains grounded. However, birth assistants continue to show a desire for an association.
  • Spring 2012, Annie-Noël de Tilly and Johanne Paulauskas choose to move forward voluntarily. They contact Lorraine Fontaine, Nicole Pino and Milène Pigeon of the RNR. In September 2012, Diane Bolduc-Boutin, Annie Bouchard and Nadia Deslauriers of “La source en soi” join the coordination committee for what will be the future Quebec Association of doulas (QAD)
  • January 2013, Stephanie St. Amant is hired as project manager. Already having organized the national meeting, her knowledge of the perinatal medium is an additional asset.
  • January 2013, various committees are formed, to enable proper functioning of a real association, and already engaged at the general assembly.
  • 7 June 2013, The first Constitutional Assembly is held in Montreal. About 100 Birth assistants are present – from every corner of the province, all backgrounds, with varying years of experience, Francophones and Anglophones, those from small communities, and others with private practices, and still others who were not even doulas, but wished to be included with QAD. The QAD is officially born. Her first board of directors is elected : Seven passionate women take on their roles on a volunteer basis .